Welcome to OneGuysHeart.  A photo gallery website and blog.  These are just a few of the thousands of photos that I have taken over the last few years.  Come back as I will be adding new photo galleries and updating the existing.  Click on the Albums tab above to see a page of all of the albums you will find on the site.  If you have any questions or would like to inquire about a photo, go to the contact page and send me a note. The blog is where I  share about life and faith and how the two are so intricately intwined.

Lyndhurst Dandelion 2013 DDOwen.jpgFrosty Farm B&W 2013 DDOwen.jpgHudson Big Smile Mar 2014.jpgLaguna Beach Sunset 2013 DDOwen.jpgPorch Chair Fall 2013 DDOwen.jpgTheater District B&W 2013 DDOwen.jpgFire Pit for Two 2013 DDOwen.jpgButterfly & Lilac.jpgHudson profile 16 mo sepia 2013 DDOwen.jpgLyndhurst Statue 2013 DDOwen.jpgFall Rockefeller Country Rd 002 2013 DDOwen.jpgThrogs Neck Br Sunset 2012 DDOwen.jpgSanibel Scallop 2 2010 DDOwen.jpgBow Bridge NYC 2012 DDOwen.jpgSilver Palm Beach Walkway 2012 DDOwen.jpgHudson Sunset 4.jpgBoca Grande Lighthouse 2013 DDOwen.jpgSunflower 2009 DDOwen.jpgGrand Canyon Rails BW 2009 DDOwen.jpgBermuda Beach 2010 DDOwen.jpgCountry Road 2012 DDOwen.jpgPortland Lighthouse 2010 DDOwen.jpgYellow Rose 2013 DDOwen.jpgFla Key Bridge 2012 DDOwen.jpgPalisades in fall US Flag 2010 DDOwen.jpgSanibel island Beach Chairs BW.jpg